CUNEO Pure Rimless Toilet
CUNEO Pure Rimless Toilet

CUNEO Pure Rimless Toilet

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BNK - A New Generation of Toilets
More powerful – less water - hygienic
Looking to the future BNK have developed the ultimate range using Innovation, Design, a Commitment to Quality while keeping a positive focus on the environment.
Technology meets Design.


  • Symmetrical lines with contemporary, sophisticated styling.
  • New Rimless technology with ‘continuous swirling’ flushing system combines for maximum efficiency removing waste and cleaning the bowl.
  • Easy to clean. By removing the rim there is no areas for dirt and germs to collect.
  • Self-clean glazing.
  • Water efficient technologies - Dual flush using 4.5/3 litres of water.
  • Universal back or bottom inlet.
  • S-Trap or P- trap installation.
  • UF soft close seat.
  • Geberit internal fittings.

Product Parameters

  • Size:680×390×850mm
  • P-trap:180mm Roughing-in
  • S-trap with PWG001:43-151mm
  • S-trap with PWG002:108-227mm
  • S-trap with PWG003:158-263mm

Download dimension sheet HERE

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Exceptional service from all the staff. They are happy to help with any question or request. Has made our house building process easier. Thankyou !

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Highly recommend Paul and his team at Art Bathrooms. Always willing to help you find what your looking for even when you keep changing your mind great products with great service at Art Bathrooms.

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