Listo Smart Toilet
Listo Smart Toilet
Listo Smart Toilet
Listo Smart Toilet
Listo Smart Toilet

Listo Smart Toilet

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• Smart Shower Toilet - rimless vitreous china with integrated shower bidet and drying functions
• Automatic user detection and convenient nightlight
• Frontal and rear shower cleansing functions - adjustable nozzle positioning, temperature and pressure
• Comfort drying function - adjustable temperature
• Automatic nozzle cleaning function
• Soft-close, quick-release toilet seat
• Remote and seat-mounted control
• 25 years product replacement (VC only), 1 years toilet seat and electrical
• WELS 4 Star, 4.6/3.0L (3.3L average flush) L07698
  • Control panel: A simple side panel activates the main washing and drying functions of the toilet
  • Presence sensor: An infrared sensor prevents the toilet from activating if it doesn’t detect any presence on the seat
  • Rimless: Johnson Suisse Listo is a rimless toilet. Water flows from the rear, homogeneously reaching the entire bowl
  • Night light: LED light located at the rear end of the seat guides users to the toilet, without having to turn on the bathroom lights.
  • 4 functions:
Standard: it activates when the cover is lifted and turns off one minute after detecting any presence.
Night light: The light remains on for 8 hours at night.
Standard with night light: The light remains on for 8 hours and it works in Standard mode for the remaining 16 hours.
Off: The LED light is always off when this function is chosen
  • Design and comfort: Inspired by minimalism, Johnson Suisse Listo adapts to all kinds of interior designs, ensuring maximum comfort. 
  • Soft-close seat: The seat features soft-close hinges and therefore it closes silently, avoiding involuntary blows
  • Removable seat: In order to make cleaning easier, the seat and cover can be fully removed with one simple action
  • Concealed connections: To obtain a cleaner design, the water and power connections can be hidden behind the toilet. Its installation only requires a common water inlet.
  • Detachable nozzle: The nozzle can be easily detached, in order to clean it thoroughly
  • Self-cleaning nozzle: The retractable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use to ensure maximum hygiene.
  • Adjustable position: The nozzle has five different positions so as to provide greater precision and comfort


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