Monterosso 1525/1675/1800 Drop in Bath

Monterosso 1525/1675/1800 Drop in Bath

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LUCITE The Source of inspiration.

4 sided tile lip
25 year warranty
40mm waste required

1525L x 765W x 420H LUCITE sanitary grade acrylic - Australian White
1675L x 765W x 420H LUCITE sanitary grade acrylic - Australian White
1800L x 800W x 470H LUCITE cross linked acrylic sheet- Australian White

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Lucite is a high quality, trademarked version of 100% cross linked sanitary grade acrylic sheet developed by DuPont in 1937. Acrylic plastics can be used in the manufacturing of baths, with varying degrees of visual and constructive qualities. Lucite is an acrylic plastic resin used primarily in fashionable interior products, such as baths and furniture design due to its strength, crystal transparency and flexibility along with its resistance to UV rays, wind, and water. Not all acrylic is created equal. Some acrylic is low quality and may not be as clear or resistant to the elements as a high-grade 100% Lucite Cross Linked Sanitary grade acrylic. Lucite is used in all Castano Baths, as we only use the best materials. 100% Cross Linked Sanitary Grade Lucite sheet is scratch resistant, meaning that it won’t lose that perfect look. Lucite is incredibly flexible for a material with its strength, making it perfect to use in the creation of Castano freestanding and drop in baths. The reason, we, at Castano use 100% Cross Linked Sanitary Lucite is because we believe in using only the highest quality materials to create the best baths on the Australian market. Our customers deserve the best and we wouldn’t want it any other way. 100% Lucite Cross Linked Sanitary grade acrylic sheet is the best version of acrylic on the market and with that guarantee of quality, it comes with a 25-year warranty. Castano baths are constructed from 100% Lucite cross linked sanitary grade sheet for genuine quality and peace of mind that you have purchased the right product for your home.

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