"My Happy place" 145cm x 120cm, Textured floral, mixed media, Tasmanian Oak frame

"My Happy place" 145cm x 120cm, Textured floral, mixed media, Tasmanian Oak frame

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This stunning artwork features a lush array of highly textured, vibrant florals emerging from a beautiful blue vase. The painting, measuring an impressive 145cm x 120cm, commands attention with its bold and lively composition. 

The flowers are depicted with remarkable detail and texture, each petal and leaf meticulously crafted to create a striking three-dimensional effect. The vibrant hues of the florals—ranging from fiery reds, deep magentas, and sunny yellows to cool blues and lush greens—create a vivid, almost tangible garden scene. The blue vase, with its rich, calming tones, anchors the composition and provides a delightful contrast to the exuberant colors of the flowers. 

The background of the painting is a harmonious blend of complementary colors, designed to enhance the vividness of the florals. Subtle variations in the background's hues add depth and interest without detracting from the main subject. 

This captivating artwork is finished with a Tasmanian oak frame, its warm, natural tones 
perfectly complementing the vibrant colors of the painting. The frame's sleek, smooth finish adds a touch of elegance, ensuring that the painting is ready to be the centerpiece of any room. 

This exquisite painting, with its highly textured vibrant florals in a blue vase, is now available for purchase. Measuring 145cm x 120cm and framed in Tasmanian oak, this piece is perfect for adding a burst of colour and a touch of sophistication to your space. Don't miss the opportunity to own this unique, handcrafted artwork that promises to enliven any environment. 

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