Point Pod Boardroom

Point Pod Boardroom

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Point Pod Boardroom provides access to power points, data, HDMI and USB sockets, without compromising the design of your boardroom table.

The hidden pop-up power outlet is neatly concealed within the timber top. Using an electric lift, simply press the top of the unit and it emerges from the bench top, ready for use.

Designed by a registered builder who saw the frustrations around bench top power, Point Pod will revolutionise your bench space and leave them looking great. The units can be customised to suit your design preferences and specifications.

Ideal for Boardrooms, offices and workspaces, Point Pod Boardroom allows customers to run multiple applications at once.

  • 2 x power sockets
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x data
  • 2 x 2.0 amp USB ports
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Why choose Point Pod?

You can now have access to power points and USB sockets without compromising your design. Point Pod is an integrated and functional pop-up power outlet hidden within your bench top.


Modern, streamlined and simplistic design to blend into your bench top

EASY TO USE Pop up power design

With one simple touch, the power appears from underneath your bench top


You can access up to three power sockets and two USB ports without taking up bench or wall space.


Our pop up power units can be customized to suit your design preferences and bench top specifications


This product has been designed for installation by a competent tradesman only. Point Pod Pty Ltd does not take any responsibility for damage caused during installation.

Why choose us?

Owned and operated by an experienced and knowledgeable plumber with over 20 years of experience. With our expert knowledge you can be assured that we will know our products. With our focus on quality and affordability, it is important to note that all products adhere to the Australian quality standards and come with an appropriate warranty period.



Exceptional service from all the staff. They are happy to help with any question or request. Has made our house building process easier. Thankyou !

Aleisha Williams

Highly recommend Paul and his team at Art Bathrooms. Always willing to help you find what your looking for even when you keep changing your mind great products with great service at Art Bathrooms.

Trina Bradshaw